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Trinity Singing Syllabus 2018-2021

Release of 2023 Singing syllabus
Trinity’s new Singing syllabus is planned for release in March 2023.
From this release, the Singing Syllabus will no longer operate with an end date. It will remain valid until further notice and any planned updates will be announced at least 12 months in advance.
The March 2023 syllabus and associated songs will become available for use in exams immediately on the day of release.

Overlap of 2018–2023 syllabus

The 2018–2023 syllabus will remain valid until 1 March 2024, giving a one-year overlap. Trinity will continue to increase the repertoire available to candidates through a continual programme of new publication releases. This will include a diverse range of exciting exam books, individual digital downloads, ebooks, anthologies and more. Most repertoire and technical pieces will remain indefinitely.