Our Story
Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

Assisting New Zealand musicians for over 65 years.

Piano Traders Ltd is a family owned business with over 65 years assisting musicians in New Zealand with their learning, teaching and performing.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and excellent customer service – with our team having decades of combined experience.

Founded in 1953 by Russell and Clarice Hancox, the store began its life in Dominion Road, Auckland, before moving to Mt Eden Rd in 1962.

In 1970, a comprehensive print music section was begun and developed from then until it became a significant element of the business.

The business has since moved to its new location at 19 Edwin Street, Mt Eden with our own customer carparks, a fresh look and more display space.

At Piano Traders we focus on three main areas.

  • Pianos and Keyboards
  • Print Music
  • Guitars and String Instruments

Pianos are a big part of what we offer and this includes wide a range of pre-loved instruments, both grands and uprights, as well as the hugely popular digital piano models – including the amazing Grand Hybrid digital pianos offering the best of digital with a piano action which gives amazing realism of touch.

What you can find at Piano Traders.

Our Print Music Shop division imports a huge range of print music from all the major publishers around the world. We are proud of the simply massive amount of stock we carry and equally proud of our commitment to sourcing the more difficult titles from overseas for you.

We have our own range of string instruments, imported directly from the manufacturer. You can add to that our comprehensive range of instrument accessories including music stands, metronomes, tuners, strings, music novelties and various instruments such as ukuleles and harmonicas.

We are an active supporter of the music scene in particular with secondary schools and performing arts competitions around the country. We also support music teachers by either co-hosting teaching workshops with overseas speakers or by providing comprehensive print music displays at various teacher conferences.

We are your one-stop-shop for your music requirements and we’re ready to take that call or read your email. Our website is constantly growing and changing with new product added weekly so put us in your ‘favourites’ and pop back every now and then. It’s super easy to buy from our website too.

Just remember, Piano Traders Ltd has probably got it and if we don’t, give us a minute or two and we’ll track it down for you.