Yamaha U30A Upright Piano (SOLD)

The Yamaha U30A is a top-quality piano, crafted in Japan at a height of 131cm. It shares the same dimensions as aYamaha U3 but has more durable parts, offering slightly superior quality. Its tone can range from a stunning clarity to a more mellow sound.

The inclusion of nickel-plated pins enhances durability by preventing rust. The U30A impresses with a well-balanced sound, strong bass, and responsive touch, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-end piano at a reasonable cost.

Yamaha U30A Features

  • Nickel-Plated Pins: Reduces the risk of rusting, contributing to the piano’s durability and stable tuning over time
  • Bass Register: Powerful and resonant bass register provides depth and richness in every key.
  • Medium-Tone: Produces a superb medium tone that strikes a balance between brightness and mellowness which adds to its versatility

Piano Specifications

  • Length: 153cm
  • Height: 131cm
  • Pedals: 3

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