Yamaha MC10BL Upright Piano

The Yamaha MC10BL is a piano specifically made for the Japanese market, standing at 121cm. Built with utmost precision, it exemplifies exceptional quality through top-notch workmanship and materials. The MC10BL’s classic and timeless look adds a touch of sophistication to any environment while enhancing sound production.

Crafted to withstand the test of time, every component is of top quality, making the MC10BL a valuable investment for music enthusiasts.

Yamaha MC10BL Features

  • Compact Design: Makes it adaptable to various spaces

Piano Specifications

  • Length: 153cm
  • Height: 121cm
  • Pedals: 3

To enquire about this model call us today at 0800-505-003. We also recommend that you explore the rest of our upright piano collection.

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