Yamaha C3X Grand Piano

The Yamaha C3X Grand Piano stands out with its sturdy frame, guaranteeing a larger amount of power and resonance throughout the keyboard compared to other C3 sized Grand Pianos. A rare and special model, its design seamlessly blends sophistication and functionality, reflecting Yamaha’s dedication to excellence. 

Suitable for the experienced pianist – or a lucky beginner, the Yamaha C3X Grand Piano stands as a reliable companion, offering a stunning range in tone and responsive touch. These do not come around often, do not miss out on the opportunity to play this exceptional piano!

Yamaha C3X Features

  • Soft-Close Fallboard: Fitted with a soft-landing mechanism, freeing you from the worry of it shutting on your fingers unexpectedly
  • Sturdy Frame: Built with a stronger and thicker frame than a standard C3, offering more power and a greater resonance from the bass all the way to the treble. 
  • Quality Hammers: ​​allows for precise response to subtle touch variations, resulting in a clear and expressive tone
  • Functional Design: Its simplicity and elegantly streamlined lines prioritize functionality, featuring a solid pedal box and characteristic legs while avoiding excessive ornamentation

Piano Specifications

  • Length: 186cm
  • Height: 101cm
  • Pedals: 3

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