Yamaha C3LA Grand Piano Artist Edition (SOLD)

The Yamaha C3LA Grand Artist Edition is a highly coveted grand piano, crafted in Japan, and boasting a length of 186cm (6’1ft). These Artist Edition pianos are exceptionally rare, making this a unique opportunity to experience this stunning model. 

Furthermore, being rare is not its only feature; it also delivers a beautiful tone and remarkable resonance, thanks to its generous size. This piano stands out as a special and exceptional instrument, deserving interest from all musicians.

Yamaha C3LA Features

  • Collector’s Item: Due to its rarity and unique status as an Artist Edition, this piano is often considered a collector’s item, potentially appreciating in value over time.
  • Dynamic Range: The C3LA offers a wide dynamic range, allowing pianists to express a broad spectrum of musical emotions, from soft and delicate passages to powerful and commanding performances.

Piano Specifications

  • Length: 186cm 
  • Height: 101cm
  • Pedals: 3

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