Digital Piano Of The Month: Korg LP-380

One of our favourite Digital Piano’s this month is the Korg LP-380, an amazing digital piano that can be a great substitute to an acoustic piano – without breaking the wallet! It creates a brilliant sound and is complete with a variety of functions that some acoustic pianos can’t do!

Photo of the Korg LP-380 in White


Digital Pianos are great for those who are wanting to learn piano, have a limited budget, and are wanting multiple different sounds. Furthermore, they can be a great substitute for an acoustic piano without the extra space and allows players to enjoy. Moreover, although we stock a variety of digital pianos with different functions, our honourable mention for this month is the Korg LP-380. This digital piano has a sleek design and would be a great fit in your very own home. In addition, its slow closing lid and flat top cabinet looks super stylish even when it’s closed.


Each Korg LP-380 is skillfully crafted by expert craftsmen in Japan to create a valuable instrument that musicians can enjoy playing for years to come. There is a built in high-output amp section that produces an amazing quality of tone and action considering the amount you pay.

Available in rosewood, rosewood black, and white, it creates solid, reliable sounds. It also has 30 sounds containing adjustable reverb and chorus. Furthermore, Korg also has the standard functions including the accessibility to plug up to two pairs of headphones in and also plug in separate speakers. Moreover, this allows players to enjoy playing the digital piano without external noise disturbing people around them.

Listen To Hear More of Korg LP-380:

Watch the video below If you want to know and hear more of the Korg LP-380.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Korg LP-380 is our favourite pick for this month. If you are wanting to know more, come visit us in store to see what suits you best! Otherwise, for further queries contact us or visit our website.

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