A Top 5 Guide To Keeping Your Ukulele In Excellent Condition

Ukuleles are a fun instrument for all ages – and no matter what size or how much you spent on yours it is always important to take good care of it! While simple things like keeping it out of direct sunlight for long periods of time or storing it in a place with low humidity are great starts, we’ve added some bonus tips so you get the most out of your Ukulele. So here are our Top 5 accessories to consider to keep your Ukulele in good condition so you can keep playing your Ukulele for years to come.

Microfiber Cloth

A Microfiber Cloth is an essential accessory to ensure that your Ukulele is free from dirt and dust. It can be used to wipe down your instrument and is good to help carefully clean underneath your fretboard. A bonus tip is to keep one in your cover for a quick wipe down from those long hour jam sessions.

Ukulele Cover

Although it may seem obvious, having a Ukulele Cover is a top priority to ensuring that your Ukulele stays in top condition. Storing your Ukulele in a case can help protect it from sun exposure and minimises chances of cracking. A cover is especially convenient if you are a musician who travels often as most covers come with a handle for transportation.

Wall Mount

Not only does it serve a decorative purpose but a practical one too. A Wall Mount can help store your Ukulele safely with foam padding attached and will avoid scratching it from leaning against the wall- Gotta protect that paint job too!

Wood Cleaner

This is a perfect accessory to keep the wood in good condition. Cleaning your Ukulele requires a small amount of Wood Cleaner that will act as a coating to protect your instrument from fingerprints and eliminate dust, leaving your Ukulele with a sparkling finish- As good as new!

BONUS TIP: Using gloss is good for Ukuleles that have a glossy finish!

Ukulele Strings  

Replacing your Ukulele Strings can help ensure that your Ukulele sounds as good as new. How often you should change them depends on how frequently you play as well as you’re playing style whether you’re a heavy strummer or not. However the usual rule is that if you notice any discolouration or tear in your strings, that’s usually a sign to change your strings.

It is important to note that having all these accessories aren’t an absolute essential for your Ukulele, however, if you want to get the most out of your Ukulele, these accessories are still highly recommended. If you are looking for more accessories to care for your instrument that goes beyond Ukulele, visit our website or pop in store to say hello! Click here to view more of our blogs

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