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Wertheim GS150 5' Grand Piano with Player Piano System

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Not only a beautiful full-polished ebony grand piano, the Wertheim GS150 also comes with a PianoDisc (computerised 'player piano') system which turns your piano into something quite special.

The system fitted to this Wertheim 150 grand is a PianoDisc iQ DVD system. This will play PianoCD software and PianoDVD software. Once the system is integrated to a home theatre system or in old speak, a stereo with a TV attached, it will play the MIDI track (piano part) as live acoustic piano and the synthesised backing track will be split with audio to the speakers and video to the screen (speakers and screen not included).

So the actual acoustic piano magically plays itself while the backing bass, drums, strings are heard through the audio speakers, and if it's a DVD the artist is not only heard but (and this is the biggie) you also see the artist performing on the screen in time with the audio and piano. It all ties in together to make an absolutely awesome audio/visual experience.

And one more thing. You can just have the piano playing by itself without being hooked up to any other system. A modern day 'player-piano'.

Leaving aside all the modern wizardry, the acoustic piano itself is a tribute to the craftmanship in the Wertheim factory:

A few words from the New Zealand importers:

"Each Wertheim piano is inspected at the factory prior to shipping by Wertheim representatives including an independent Registered Piano Technician to ensure they meet the standards set for the brand. To our knowledge Wertheim is the only brand entering New Zealand that has any pre-shipping inspection, which allows these pianos to be presented with our full confidence that they will perform well for many years."

Wertheim pianos offer unrivalled performance in their price range and come with a 12 year warranty.



Height - 101cm, Width - 147cm, Depth - 150cm, Weight - 270kg

Soundboard - Solid Sitka Spruce, symetrically tapered
Number of Ribs - 1- pre crowned ribs
Tone Collector - Precision port casting
Frame - Vacuum processed cast iron with duplex scaling
Braces - 3-4 dove-tailed and doweled
Bridge - Treble vertically laminated, solid maple cap, undercut bass solid cantilevered design, North American Maple, laminated maple cap
Pin Block - 21 ply North American Rock Maple laminations
Strings - German Roslau
Fall-board - Soft fall

Erard Style action
Wood material - Rock Maple, Beech, Hornbeam
Action Rail - aluminium

White keys - Acrylic Resin
Black keys - Satin Phenolic Resin
Key material - White Spruce - Maple button
Key body - White spruce - Maple button, individually weighted
Hammers - 100% Virgin Wool T stapled

3 solid brass with full sustenuto
Function - Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain

Inner - 20 to 24 ply
Outer - 12 ply

Hand rubbed polyester

Wertheim GS150 5' Grand Piano with Player Piano System

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