Violin Globetrotters

Violin Globetrotters

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Violin Globetrotters brings together 12 toe-tapping original tunes in styles from around the world - from Arabic to Chinese and from klezmer to the Argentinian tango - for the budding violinist.
This unique book presents a kaleidoscope of musical traditions, with supporting background information and backing tracks that capture each sound-world. To help with technique and interpretation, every piece includes tailored warm-ups and stylistic tips from the author.
With options for violin or piano accompaniment, and an inspirational CD, Violin Globetrotters is the ultimate resource for aspiring violinists looking to go travellin' ...

  • 12 fun pieces in styles from around the world
  • Suitable for young violinists everywhere
  • Range of styles including bossa nova, klezmer, blues, Cajun, Greek, and West African
  • Fascinating background information and tailored warm-ups for every piece
  • Includes violin accompaniments for a teacher or more experienced pupil and piano accompaniments with guitar chords
  • CD with performances and backings for every piece, recorded by renowned world-music performers

Dublin Time (jig, Ireland)
Stoppin' off in Louisiana (Cajun, USA)
Relaxing in Rio (bossa nova, Brazil)
Dancing in Odessa (klezmer, Eastern Europe)
Shanghai Rickshaw Ride (pentatonic, China)
Acropolis Dance (rebetico, Greece)
Tango in San Telmo (tango, Argentina)
Iguazu Rapids (chamamé, Argentina)
Cairo Cradle Song (Arabic lullaby, Egypt)
'Hole in my Shoe' Blues (blues, USA)
Bulgarian Gallop (Bulgaria)
African Jamboree (West Africa)

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