Uke 'n' Play Ukulele

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Whether you're five or eighty-five, Mike Jacksons easy-to-play, simple method for Ukulele really works and will get you playing these twenty-five songs instantly. The audio download helps you to tune your ukulele, enabling to you to hear how the songs should sound as well as giving you the opportunity to play along with a full band. Once again the ukulele is taking the world by storm!

Mike Jackson is a self-taught musician who plays 16 different instruments - including ukulele. He is perhaps best known in Australia for his hit version of Bananas in Pyjamas. Mike has sold over 250,000 albums, published many song and dance resources and has performed extensively across Australia and international.

Mike's inspirational concerts and workshops attest to his belief that learning to play music is an attainable goal for everyone and that it's never, ever, too late to begin!

Hard Times
Que Sera, Sera
Botany Bay
Cockles And Mussels
Drunken Sailor
Ukulele Lady
Play Me A Ukulele Tune
Hey Ho Little Fishies
Be Kind To Your Webfooted Friends
Billy Of Tea
We're Floating Down The River
You Are My Sunshine
Shortnin' Bread
Quartermaster's Stores
Mairi's Wedding
Bound For South Australia
Waltzing Matilda
Polly Wolly Doodle
Hush Little Baby
Jamaica Farewell
Tiddy Lend Me Your Pigeon
My Grandfather's Clock
This Train
Leaning On A Lamp-post
Michael Row The Boat Ashore

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