Trinity Singer's World Book 1

Trinity Singer's World Book 1

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Tags: Singing

A program of entertaining and highly varied pieces for Voice and Piano, written to correspond with the Trinity College London examinations. The songs are carefully graded, and intended to fully explore the range of techniques and abilities required for singing at the level of Grade 1.

Caterpillar [Runswick, Daryl]
Cradle Song [Strogers, Nicholas]
Earth Folk [Lee, Andrew]
Food (Ev'ryday Things) [Crawley, Clifford]
I Know Where I'm Going
Manx Spinning Song
My Mother Said [Gritz, Peter]
My Uncle Rumbold [Harris, Paul]
Oats And Beans And Barley Grow
The Turtle Dove [Bray, David]
Who Has Seen The Wind? [Corp, Ronald]
Windy Nights [Stanford, Charles Villiers]

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