Trinity College: Mosaics for Saxophone Book 1


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Tags: Saxophone

For beginner to intermediate level - initial to grade 5.

For saxophone solo, no piano accompaniment published.

A Country Walk
A Flat Majorette
A Gentle Stroll
A Recurring Theme
A Recurring Theme (1)
A Recurring Theme (2)
A Recurring Theme (3)
A Recurring Theme (4)
A Recurring Theme (5)
A Shaky Start
All Face The Middle
Basil The Bionic Flea
Black Pepper?
Captain Funk
Chelsea Blues
Coconut Rumba
Cool Dance
Cop This!
Cossack Dance
County Jig
Crayfish Bake
Cucumber Wallbanger
Da Capo Waltz
Dot To Dot
Eee By Gum
Fake Five
Fantasy In F Sharp Minor
Full Of Beans
Funky Pheasant
Green Pastures
Just A Minute
Long Short
Lotus Pocus
March Of The Processed Peas
March Pear
Nine Over The Eight
On Parade
On The Rocks
Out For The Count
Pile Driver
Pinewood Carry-on
Regimental March
Rocking' Roland
Rumba Of The Bailey
Self-employment Blues
Shifting Winds
Shiver Me Timbers!
Sidewalk Shuffle
Silk Street Swing
Slap-up Supper
Spambusters March
Surbiton Rock
The Inebriated Hornpipe
The Spy
Three Flat Mice
Wigwam Rock
Winter Sunset

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