Thirty Fingers - Intermediate Classical Trios

Thirty Fingers - Intermediate Classical Trios

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Tags: Trio, trois

Although instrumental players gather to make music in ensembles almost as soon as they begin to play, pianists tend to be solitary animals. There is so much to be gained by making music with others. Apart from exercising general musicianship skills, musicians need to listen hard and think more about how they are playing when in a trio. A common interpretation has to be found and choices have to be made. The pieces in the THIRTY FINGERS series offer an adventure in skill and communication.

It's fun to be part of a joint venture. A sense of team spirit can be built with performers gaining support and encouragement from one another. In the THIRTY FINGERS series, you will find a varied and interesting repertoire, useful for concert and competition.

The EASY books are around grade 1 to 3 standard, the INTERMEDIATE books are grade 4 to 6 and the individual works are for more advanced players of grade 6 to 8. In order to cope with the extra demands of ensemble playing, it is probably best that performers are not playing a part that is at the limit of their ability.

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