The Oratorio Anthology - Baritone/Bass

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Tags: Singing

This is the most serious and useful collection yet published of solo arias from oratorios, masses and cantatas.

The literature was confined to work by major composers, and by-passes the dated oratorio literature found in previous collections. The most famous music is here, and so is interesting and less famous music by masters. There are new music engravings for each aria, and extensive historical notes and translations. Solo instrumental obbligato parts, which can be cut from the book, are included on appropriate selections.

272 pages

Song List:
Arm, arm, ye brave! from Judas Maccabaeus (Handel)
Behold the monstrous human beast from Belshazzar (Handel)
Betrache, meine Seel' from St. John Passion (Bach)
Confutatis from Messa di Requiem (Verdi)
Crucifixus from MESSA DI GLORIA (Puccini)
Erblikke hier, betorter Mensch from The Seasons (Haydn)
Et in Spiritum sanctum from Mass in B minor (Bach)
Fecit potentiam from Magnificat (C.P.E. Bach)
For behold, darkness shall cover the earth; The people that walked in darkness from Messiah (Handel)
For the mountains shall depart from Elijah (Mendelssohn)
Gerne will ich mich bequemen from St. Matthew Passion (Bach)
Gott sei mir gnadig from St. Paul (Mendelssohn)
Grosser Herr und starker Konig from Christmas Oratorio (Bach)
Honor and arms from Samson (Handel)
Hostias from Requiem (Faure)
Is not his word like a fire? from Elijah (Mendelssohn)
It is enough! from Elijah (Mendelssohn)
Komm, ssses Kreuz from St. Matthew Passion (Bach)
Lord God of Abraham from Elijah (Mendelssohn)
Mache dich, mein Herze, rein from St. Matthew Passion (Bach)
Nun scheint in vollem Glanze der Himmel from The Creation (Haydn)
O misre des rois! from L'Enfance du Christ (Berlioz)
Pro peccatis from Stabat Mater (Rossini)
Quia fecit mihi magna from Magnificat (Bach)
Quoniam to solus sanctus from Messe Solennelle (Rossini)
Revenge, Timotheus cries from Alexander's Feast (Handel)
Rollend in schaumenden Wellen from The Creation (Haydn)
Schon eilet froh der Akkermann from The Seasons (Haydn)
See the raging flames arise from Joshua (Handel)
HANDEL - The trumpet shall sound from MESSIAH
Thus saith the Lord; But who may abide from Messiah (Handel)
Thy glorious deeds inspir'd my tongue from Samson (Handel)
Why do the nations from Messiah (Handel)

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