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The Art of Song Grade 7 Low Voice

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Tags: Singing


Morley I saw my lady weeping [Anon.] NEW
Purcell If music be the food of love
[Poet: Henry Heveningham] NEW
Purcell What shall I do to show
[Poet: Thomas Betterton] NEW
Rosseter When Laura smiles [Anon.] NEW
Handel How beautiful are the feet
[Poet: Charles Jennens] NEW
Mozart Un moto di gioia
[Poet: Lorenzo da Ponte]
Purcell An Epithalamium: Thrice happy lovers
[Poet: Elkanah Settle] NEW
Handel Thy rebuke/Behold and see (Tenor Voice Only)
[Poet: Elkanah Settle] NEW
Handel He was cut off/But thou didst not leave
(Tenor Voice Only)
[Poet: Charles Jennens] NEW
Beethoven Ich liebe dich
[Poet: Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Herrosee]
Brahms Feldeinsamkeit
[Poet: Hermann Allmers]
Brahms O liebliche Wangen
[Poet: Paul Fleming]
Brahms Scheiden und Meiden
[Poet: Ludwig Uhland]
Brahms Wegenlied
[Poet: Folksong from 'Des Knaben Wunderhorn' (v1) / Georg
Scherer (v2)]
Schubert An den Frhling (1st version)
[Poet: Friedrich Schiller]
Schubert An den Frhling (2nd version)
[Poet: Friedrich Schiller]
Schubert Die Forelle
[Poet: Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart]
Schubert Frhlingsglaube
[Poet: Ludwig Uhland]
Schubert Nachtviolen
[Poet: Johann Mayrhofer]
Schumann Die Lotosblume
[Poet: Heinrich Heine]
Schumann Mondnacht
[Poet: Joseph von Eichendorff]
Tosti A vucchella
[Poet: Gabriele d'Annunzio] NEW
Verdi Il povoretto
[Poet: Manfredo Maggioni] NEW
Wolf Der G_rtner
[Poet: Eduard M_rike]
Wolf Der Musikant
[Poet: Joseph von Eichendorff]
German She had a letter from her love
[Poet: Basil Hood] NEW
Sullivan Fair moon to thee I sing
[Poet: W. S. Gilbert] NEW
Sullivan Is life a boon?
[Poet: W. S. Gilbert] NEW
Sullivan Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
[Poet: W. S. Gilbert] NEW
Sullivan The sun whose rays are all ablaze
[Poet: W. S. Gilbert] NEW

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