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The Art of Song Grade 6 Low Voice

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Tags: Singing


Campion Oft have I sighed
[Poet: Thomas Campion] NEW
Ford Fair sweet cruel [Anon.] NEW
Gibbons The silver swan [Anon.] NEW
Haydn Piercing Eyes [Anon.]
Haydn She never told her love
[Poet: William Shakespesare]
Munro My lovely Celia
[Poet:George Munro] NEW
Purcell Nymphs and Shepherds
[Poet: Thomas Shadwell NEW
Purcell Since from my dear
[Poet: Thomas Betterton] NEW
Purcell Turn then thine eyes
[Poet: Elkanah Settle] NEW
Pergolesi Cujus animam ( from Stabat mater) [Anon.] NEW
PurcellPursue thy conquest[Poet: Nahum Tate] NEW
Beethoven An die Geliebte
[Poet: Josef Ludwig Stoll]
Brahms Dein blaues Auge
[Poet: Klaus Groth]
Brahms Der Schmied
[Poet: Ludwig Uhland]
Brahms Komm bald!
[Poet: Klaus Groth]
Brahms Sonntag
[Poet: Ludwig Uhland]
Schubert Der Lindenbaum
[Poet: Wilhelm Mller]
Schubert Frhlingslied
[Poet: Ludwig Heinrich Christoph H_lty]
Schubert Romanze
[Poet: Helmina von Ch_zy]
Schubert St_ndchen
[Poet: Ludwig Rellstab]
Schumann Der Nussbaum
[Poet: Julius Mosen]
Schumann Frhlingsgruss
[Poet: August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben]
Schumann Marienwrmchen
[Folksong from 'Des Knaben Wunderhorn']
Wolf Auf ein altes Bild
[Poet: Eduard M_rike]
Wolf Bescheidene Liebe [Anon.]
German O Peaceful England
[Poet: Basil Hood] NEW
Sullivan Oh, better far to live and die (I am a pirate king)
[Poet: W. S. Gilbert] NEW
Sullivan Love is a plaintive song
[Poet: W. S. Gilbert] NEW
Sullivan Oh foolish fay
[Poet: W. S. Gilbert] NEW
Sullivan When first my old, old love I knew
[Poet: W. S. Gilbert] NEW

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