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Tchaikovsky - Album for the Young Op. 39

Tchaikovsky - Album for the Young Op. 39

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The Trinity grade 5 piano syllabus lists the Wiener Urtext edition. This is expensive and only a recommendation for the exam. We have other editions, the most economical of which is this Kjos publication which can be used for an exam.

(PLEASE NOTE: the piece listed in the syllabus is Sweet Reverie. In this Kjos edition this is no. 21 with the title Reverie. Other editions list it as Sweet Dream. It is definitely one and the same piece.)

Written in two months, this collection of easy pieces by Tchaikovsky were written particularly for children and have become some of the most popular pieces in the easy Piano repertory.

Morning Prayer
Winter Morning
The Horseman
Soldiers' March
The Sick Doll
The Doll's Funeral
The New Doll
Russian Song
The Accordion Player
Russian Dance
Italian Song
Old French Song
German Song
Neapolitan Song
An Old Story
The Witch
Song Of The Lark
The Organgrinder
In Church

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