Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 Book only

Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 Book only


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The revised edition for Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1.

Study Points
Lessons at the Studio
Practice at Home
The Parts of the Violin and Bow
The Bow Hold
Placement of the Bow
Posture for the Different Strings
Finger Patterns of the Left Hand
Bowing and Rhythm Exercises
The Shape of the Left Hand
Practicing in First Position
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Variations composed by S. Suzuki
Lightly Row composed by Folk Song
Song of the Wind composed by Folk Song
Go Tell Aunt Rhody composed by Folk Song
O Come, Little Children composed by Folk Song
May Song composed by Folk Song
Long, Long Ago composed by T.H. Bayly
Allegro composed by S. Suzuki
Perpetual Motion composed by S. Suzuki
Allegretto composed by S. Suzuki
Andantino composed by S. Suzuki
Etude composed by S. Suzuki
Minuet 1 composed by J.S. Bach
Minuet 2 composed by J.S. Bach
Minuet 3 composed by J.S. Bach
The Happy Farmer composed by R. Schumann
Gavotte composed by F.J. Gossec
Musical Notation Guide
Musical Terms
The Position of the Fingers on the Fingerboard

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