Sonatinen Album Band 2

Sonatinen Album Band 2

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A collection of important sonatinas from a variety of composers.

- D. Cimarosa: Sonatina in G maj
- J. H. Vorisek: Rondo in G maj op. 18/1
- M. Clementi: Sonatina in D maj op. 36/6
- F. Kuhlau: Sonatina in C maj op. 55/3
- N. W. Gade: Scherzo in E maj
- T. Kirchner: Sonatina in B-flat maj op. 70/5
- C. Reinecke: Sonatina in A min op. 98/2
- J. Mysliveek: Sonata in D maj (1st movt.)
- J. A. P. Schulz: Sonatina in E maj
- J. W. Hassler: Sonata in C maj
- W. A. Mozart: Sonata in F maj (Allegro and Allegretto K.1 Anh. 135 [K.6:547a])

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