Schumann - At the Piano (Henle)

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Schumann was a poet at the piano, and the best known of his piano pieces bear programmatic titles such as “Träumerei” (“Reverie”), “Von fremden Ländern und Menschen” (“Of foreign lands and people”) or “Vogel als Prophet” (“The bird as prophet”). His whole oeuvre exudes a sense of poetic freedom, making him the Romantic composer par excellence. Whether in his easiest pieces for children from his Album for the Young or in the more demanding Papillons, we can hear Schumann’s own distinctive voice everywhere – a voice whose many registers can be experienced in this selection, which ranges from the easy to the moderately difficult.

 A fabulous urtext edition, for the first time printed in English. A great addition to add to any pianist's collection. 

Includes 17 well-known original pieces:

* Wiegenliedchen op. 124,6
* Volksliedchen op. 68,9
* Von fremden Ländern und Menschen op. 15,1
* Curiose Geschichte op. 15,2
* Ziemlich langsam op. 99,4
* Nachklänge aus dem Theater op. 68,25
* Träumerei op. 15,7
* Allegro marcato op. 4,3
* Allegretto semplice op. 4,4
* Romanze op. 26,2
* Einfach op. 28,2
* Pierrot op. 9,2
* Valse noble op. 9,4
* Des Abends op. 12 Heft 1
* Warum? op. 12 Heft 1
* Vogel als Prophet op. 82
* Arabesque C major op. 18
* No. 5, 6 and 12 from Papillons op. 2
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