Schubert - At the Piano (Henle)

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of the twelve composers in the Henle series “At the piano”, Franz Schubert was undoubtedly the least at home at the piano – but nevertheless what masterpieces he left for this instrument! There is hardly any pianist who is not immediately captivated by the cheerful yet melancholy atmosphere of Schubert’s impromptus and Moments musicaux. Even the simple pieces by Schubert at the beginning of this volume have surprising twists in store that afford them a profundity of their own. Nor are his dances mere “entertainment”. No matter how charming they may seem on the surface, there is always a wistful tone in his waltzes and ländler. This seems to reflect the gravely ill composer’s presentiment of his own death.

A fabulous urtext edition, for the first time printed in English. A great addition to add to any pianist's collection. 

Includes 12 well-known original pieces!

* Scherzo B flat major D 593
* Three "Ländler" B flat major D 378 Nr. 6-8
* 8 Ecossaises D 977
* Two Walztes A flat major D 365 Nr. 1 und 2
* Menuett D major D 41 Nr. 16
* Deutscher Tanz D major D. 790 Nr. 1
* Impromptu A flat major op. post. 142,2 D 935
* Moment musical f minor op. 94,5 D 780
* Moment musical A flat major op. 94,6 D 780
* Hungarian Melody b minor D 817
* 13 Piano Variations a minor D 576
* Piano Sonata A major op. post. 120 D 664

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