Sassmannshaus Early Start on the Cello Volume 3

Sassmannshaus Early Start on the Cello Volume 3

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A cello method for children.

For more than three decades the Sassmannshaus Tradition has been the household name for
excellence in beginner string methods in German-speaking countries. More than half a million
students have successfully learned to play string instruments using this publication.
The publication of the four violin books in 2008 in a fully adapted English version has been a big
On the back of this success story B_renreiter has now published the four books for cello in a newly
adapted version for todays English speaking children.

What makes this cello method so unique?
- The leading German cello method now available in English.
- Large print notes and texts as well as many colourful illustrations are ideal for pre-school as
well as school children.
- Note reading is emphasised from the first lesson, encouraging ensemble playing from the very
- Songs and scales in different positions are easily mastered within the first year of playing to ensure
that children are not confined to first position playing.
- Advanced cello techniques such as varied bow strokes and shifting are introduced in a basic form

The Half Step Is Between The Third And Fourth Fingers
The Half Step Is Between The First And Second Fingers
The Second And Third Finger Patterns
Extended Finger Pattern Moves Upward
Alternating Normal And Extended Finger Patterns
Minor Keys
High First Position
Half Position
Duets In Various Keys With Alternatiung Finger Patterns

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