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Russian Music for Piano - Book 3

Russian Music for Piano - Book 3

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Moderately difficult pieces for piano by Russian composers edited by Annie T. Weston.


  • Allegro (N. Ladoukhin) 
  • Ancien Menuet (N. Amani) 
  • Chanson Simple (R.Gliere) 
  • Impromptu (N.Amani) 
  • Miniature (A.Goedicke) 
  • Nocturne (R. Gliere) 
  • Petite Piece (A. Goedicke) 
  • Petite Valse (N. Amani) 
  • Petites Variations (S. Maykapar) 
  • Prelude (H. Pachulski) 
  • Scherzino (S. Maykapar)
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