Rockschool Bass Grade 2

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Tags: Bass Guitar

Key Features at Grade 2:

  • Shuffle rhythm, Latin rhythm, Syncopation
  • Major and Natural Minor. Major and Minor Pentatonic scales. Major and Minor Arpeggios
  • Playback skills

Bass Syllabus features:

  • Plot your stylistic specialism - follow your preferred style up through the grades
  • Introduction to tone - authentic tone and amp setting suggestions for each track
  • TAB and Standard Notation
  • 6 Performance pieces, 6 varying styles
  • Fact files - band and artist background information with recommended further listening
  • Walkthroughs - Hints and Tips on the tricky sections of the songs
  • 2 CDs with full mixes & backing tracks
  • Free Choice Element - You can select 2 free choice pieces in your exam
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