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Rock & Pop Bass Guitar Grade 5

Rock & Pop Bass Guitar Grade 5

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The new exams for rock and pop instruments.!

The exams are being run by Trinity College.

This book contains all you need for your Trinity Rock & Pop Bass Guitar Grade 5 exam - songs, performance tips, technical support, supporting skills and a group song for those in a band - together with a CD of demo and backing tracks.

Whether you are self-taught or taking lessons, learning for fun or you have a view to a career in music, Trinity College London Rock & Pop exams will help you to achieve your ambitions.

I Get High On You [Stone, Sly]
Moving To New York [The Wombats]
My Generation [The Who]
Raggle Taggle Gypsies [Traditional]
Time Is Running Out [Muse]
When I Come Around [Green Day]

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