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Razzamajazz Recorder Book 1: Five Note Fiesta

Razzamajazz Recorder Book 1: Five Note Fiesta


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Discover just how simple learning the Recorder can be, by taking it just one note at a time!

The Razzamajazz method introduces you to the instrument beginning with your first note and some simple exercises, gradually progressing to full melodies as your vocabulary expands. However, you will need just a little previous experience of basic music-reading.
In true Razzamajazz style, the pieces are full of swing and swagger, taking away the pains the practice hours. Furthermore, a CD of specially-recorded backing tracks is included for you to play along with and test your skills. By the end of the book you will have a host of funky tunes at the tips of your fingers!

B A Dood
B Groovy
B Really Groovy
Crazy Daze!
Curtain Raiser
Kim's Ballad
Mellow Out
Movie Buster
Mr Cool
Pineapple Punch
Stardom Waltz
Stripy Cat Crawl
Swingtime Stroll
The Chicken Cluck Waddle
Two At Twilight

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