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Ragtime - 15 Pieces for Piano Solo - John Kember

Ragtime - 15 Pieces for Piano Solo - John Kember


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This compilation of original compositions includes rags, two-steps and cakewalks. The fun, rhythmic pieces explore typical ragtime syncopation, helping to develop a sense of rhythm and independence of hands. All the pieces are performed on CD by John Kember and will be enjoyed by intermediate to advanced players.

Mississippi Rag
Red River Rag
Inconsequential Rag
Varsity Cake Walk
Louisiana Two-Step
Ragged Waltz
Serpentine Rag
Stardust Cake Walk
Non-Stop Two-Step
Keystone Rag
Mardi Gras Two-Step
Canal Street Rag
Perpetual Rag
Movietone Two-Step
Two-Tone Rag

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