Pianoworks Book 1


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If you've ever wanted to play the piano, look no further! Whether you have some experience or just a desire to learn, the Pianoworks series provides all you need to get started.

Written especially for the older beginner - or anyone who prefers a more adult approach to learning - Pianoworks Book 1 will help you develop the skills to play pieces of many styles, from the great works of the past to the music of today. New topics are introduced at a steady pace, and examples and exercises reinforce learning and build confidence. At every stage there is an appealing and accessible range of pieces to enjoy, each one carefully chosen to practice key skills and techniques. On the accompanying CD you'll find performances of all the pieces as well as accompaniments to play along with, demonstrations, and additional exercises. Pianoworks Book 1 is ideal as a stand-alone resource or for use with a piano teacher.

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