Piano Repertoire - Romantic & 20th Century - Level 2


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Tags: keith, snell

A series of books that introduce the piano student to keyboard music of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Schumann - Soldier's March
Schumann - A Little Piece
Schumann - The Wild Horseman
(all from Album for the Young, Op 68)
Biehl - Sonatina in C
Spindler - Sonatina in C
Bartok - Follow the Leader
Bartok - Pillow Dance
Kabalevsky - Waltz
Kabalevsky - Quick March
Kabalevsky - Galloping
Kabalevsky - Gallop
(all from 24 Little Pieces, Op 39)
Kabalevsky - Song
(from 30 Children's Pieces, Op 27)
Shostakovich - March
Shostakovich - Waltz
(both from 6 Pieces for Children)
Composer Biographies:

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