Piano Pur - Balsam für die Seele

Piano Pur - Balsam für die Seele

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The renowned pianist Hans-Günter Heumann has arranged these 30 contemporary piano classics which are some of the greatest hits of modern composers, inspired by minimalism and drawing on many other genres. Including arrangements of Einaudi, Yiruma and Yann Tiersen among many others, Piano Pur features many songs to soothe the soul.

The most acclaimed composers of the genre such as Dustin O'Halloran, Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen and Philip Glass are represented here, with beautiful arrangements by Heumann. The repetitive structures build rhythms and melodies that envelop the listener, resulting in wonderful pieces of music that are as enjoyable to play as they are simply to listen to. The juxtaposition of patterns and motifs create relaxing and joyful music that may come under the genre of 'minimalism', but is far from simplistic.

Featuring songs like River Flows In You, Nightbook, Metamorphosis One & Three as well as Erik Satie's masterful Gymnopédie No.1, Piano Pur is a wonderful selection of the most beautiful contemporary classical pieces, as well as three original compositions by Heumann himself. Featuring a unique MP3 CD with full demonstrations as well, this songbook has everything you might need to learn how to play these fantastic songs on Piano.

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