Bastien Piano 2nd Time Around


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A refresher piano course for adults.

By James Bastien and Jane Smisor Bastien.

"Piano 2nd Time Around" is a basic review course for adults who went beyond the beginning stages of piano study earlier in their lives. It's a complete refresher course for students who are returning to piano after a break.

Useful in private or group situations, it is the ideal "re-introduction" to the fun and musical satisfaction of playing the piano. Use PIANO: 2nd TIME AROUND for the adult who says, "I wish I had kept taking lessons" or, "I wish my folks had not let me quit"; performers who may recall some of the basics from early studies but want to improve their performance through a better knowledge of key signatures, basic pianistic technic, and sight reading at the keyboard or university students who are beyond the beginning level.

208 pages.

Plastic binding.

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