Music Stand Lights - Black, White & Red


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LED lights on two flexible arms for music stands or a multitude of other uses!

- The solid clip will attach to the top of the music stand or the back of the book.
- The lights produce an even spread across two pages of music.
- The arms are flexible so you can point the lights in any direction.
- Each arm has two bulbs - you turn on one bulb by pressing the on button once, add the second bulb by pressing a second time. Pressing a third time switches both off.
- More than bright enough for reading two whole pages of music with no other light source.
- Powered by 3x AAA batteries (not included). Long lasting due to the low power usage of these LED bulbs.
- Full strength light for approximately 3 hours but still providing good light up to 6 hours.
- USB cable included so you can power the lights from your computer USB input without batteries! (This capability can't be used to charge batteries.)

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