Mendelssohn - At the Piano (Henle)

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At the piano with Mendelssohn – everyone naturally thinks first of his wonderful Songs without Words, from which Henle have chosen a varied selection here. But there are other pieces in this volume that are no less fascinating, such as several of his enchanting children’s pieces, which belong alongside Robert Schumann’s Kinderszenen. In compositions such as the Prelude in f minor, we can also discern the love that Mendelssohn the German Romantic bore for the polyphony of J. S. Bach.

A fabulous urtext edition, for the first time printed in English. A great addition to add to any pianist's collection. 

Includes 13 well-known original pieces:

* Six Children's Pieces op. 72,1
* Six Children's Pieces op. 72,3
* Six Children's Pieces op. 72,5
* Song without Words (Venetian Gondola Song) g minor op. 19,6
* Song without Words (Venetian Gondola Song) f sharp minor op. 30,6
* Song without Words (Spring Song) A major op. 62,6
* Song without Words (Venetian Gondola Song) a minor op. 62,5
* Seven Character Pieces op. 7,1
* Song without Words op. 19,1
* Song without Words (Duetto) A flat major op. 38,6
* Trois Fantaisies ou Caprices op. 16,1
* Prelude V op. 35
* Song without Words op. 67,4
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