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Martin Acoustic Extra Light 12 Strings

Martin Acoustic Extra Light 12 Strings


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Bronze, ball-ended, Extra Light 80/20 for a 12 stringed guitar.

Martin strings are the acoustic string of choice around the world. State-of-the-art equipment winds the strings to exacting specifications with the result that you can depend on Martin strings for tone, brightness and clarity on a daily basis.

Product: M180

String Gauges

E 1st   .010

E 2nd   .010

B 3rd   .014

B 4th   .014 

G 5th   .023

G 6th   .010

D 7th   .030 

D 8th   .012

A 9th   .039 

A 10th   .018

E 11th   .047

E 12th   .027

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