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Liszt - At the Piano (Henle)


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Franz Liszt is still regarded as one of the greatest pianists of all time: a superb virtuoso whose own piano works also bristle with extreme technical difficulties. But no one needs to be afraid of big names. Henle's carefully chosen selection from Liszt’s immense oeuvre ranges here from the easy to the moderately difficult. These pieces are truly charming, and well-suited for “ordinary mortals”. And for those who reach the end of the volume, there’s a worthwhile reward: perhaps Liszt’s best-known piano piece, the third “Liebestraum” ...

A fabulous urtext edition, for the first time printed in English. A great addition to add to any pianist's collection. 

Includes 11 well-known original pieces:

* Piano Piece no. 3 F sharp major
* Piano Piece no. 4 F sharp major
* Consolation no. 1 E major
* Consolation no. 2 E major
* Consolation no. 3 D flat major
* Il Penseroso
* Hymne de l'enfant à son réveil
* Le mal du pays
* Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa
* Aux Cyprès de la Villa d'Este 1
* O lieb, so lang du lieben kannst!
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