J. S. Bach - At the Piano (Henle)

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Johann Sebastian Bach is more or less the alpha and omega of piano playing: there is hardly a piano pupil who did not start off with his little preludes or his inventions. And almost all pianists regard his Well-tempered Clavier as an unsurpassed highpoint in the history of piano music. This Henle volume follows these well-trodden paths, but not without the occasional sideways glance at some less prominent pieces by the Master, such as his picturesque “Capriccio on the departure of a beloved brother”.

A fabulous urtext edition, for the first time printed in English. A great addition to add to any pianist's collection. 

Includes 16 well-known original pieces:

* Little Prelude from the "Pianobook" for W. F. Bach BWV 924
* Little Prelude from the "Pianobook" for W. F. Bach BWV 927
* Little Prelude for Beginners on Piano BWV 936
* Choral: Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten BWV 691
* Invention 6 E major BWV 777
* Invention 3 D major BWV 774
* Arioso and Aria del Postiglione (from: Capriccio B-dur) BWV 992
* Aria BWV 988
* Sinfonia 6 E major BWV 792
* Sinfonia 8 F major BWV 794
* Menuet (from: French Suite b minor) BWV 814
* Allemande, Sarabande, Gigue (from: French Suite E flat major) BWV 815
* Prelude and Fugue F sharp major BWV 858
* Prelude and Fugue D major BWV 850
* Prelude and Fugue c minor BWV 871
* Prelude and Fugue b minor BWV 893
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