It's Never Too Late To Play Piano


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Tags: Tutor Books

A piano tutor book for adults written by Pam Wedgwood. Complete with an interactive CD!

More and more adults are making the positive decision to take matters into their own hands and learn the Piano, and Pam Wedgwood presents this comprehensive tutor method, divided into bite-size chunks.
- Covers the essential music theory and technical skills you'll need to give you confidence and set you on your way
- Contains a wealth of music to play and enjoy, from Wedgwood's own pieces to well-known classics and pop tunes
- Packed with useful information presented as top tips and fact files with generous teaching advice included in 'Pam's noticeboard'
- Fascinating facts on the great composers and their music, with recommended listening to broaden your knowledge
Accompanying CD features interactive activities and a huge range of backing tracks to make even simple pieces sound great!

This learn-as-you-play method provides all the motivation you'll need to make learning fun!

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