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Haydn - Six Easy Sonatas (KJOS)

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A book of piano pieces from the Kjos Master Composer Library: "Haydn - Six Easy Sonatas", edited by Keith Snell.

This performance-edited edition of six early Haydn Sonatas is meticulously fingered by Keith Snell. Hob. XVI: 4, 7, 8, and 9 clearly reveal the early Haydn style at an intermediate level. Hob. XVI: 1 is a good selection for your advancing intermediate students. To help students differentiate between Baroque and Classical ornamentation, a valuable table for execution of ornaments is provided.

Franz Joseph Haydn - biography

Sonata in C Major, HOB. HVI: 7
- Allegro moderato
- Minuet
- Finale: Allegro
Sonata in G Major, HOB. XVI: 8
- Allegro
- Andante
Sonata in C Major, HOB. XVI: 10
- Moderato
- Finale: Presto
Sonata in F Major, HOB. XVI: 9
- Scherzo: Allegro
Sonata in C Major, HOB. XVI: 1
Sonata in D Major, HOB. XVI: 4

Additional material
- Sonata Form
- Execution of Ornaments

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