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Electronic Roll-Up Keyboard

Electronic Roll-Up Keyboard

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Fantastic and fun portable roll-up keyboard for kids of all ages for the Summer Holidays!

* Five octaves, 61 keys, over 500 different sounds – what’s not to love?

* Plug in an MP3 and play along with your own music!

* This fantastic unit not only comes with built in speakers but also a headphone jack if you desire a quiet environment. A re-chargeable lithium battery included will keep you going while traveling, which pairs with a universal USB charging cable giving you the flexibility to charge while on the go. 

* Very realistic sound and so easy to use!  You’ll be playing for hours!

* Adjust the tempo or play in OKON mode that allows you to play any key and play the correct melody with an accompaniment!

Come in-store and have a play-along!

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