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Electronic Drum Kit

Electronic Drum Kit

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Fantastic and fun portable practice kit for kids of all ages for the Summer Holidays!

Snare, bass, high tom, mid-low tom, floor tom, ride cymbal and crash cymbal.  Use the drumsticks and play along with foot pedals for the hi-hat and kick pedal.

Plug in an MP3 and play along with your own music!  Comes with built in speakers, a headphone jack and USB charger. Rechargeable lithium battery included.

Record yourself! Change the style of the drums at the press of a button!

Very realistic sound and so easy to use!  You’ll be playing for hours!


  • "Smashing!"
  • "Dear Santa, BEAT THIS!  Love from parents."
  • "A hit with kids of all ages!"
  • "Three drums and a tambourine fall out of a tree, ba doom doom tsh!" <-- not actually a review, just a joke I've been working on...


Come in-store and have a go on these electronic drum kits before they march out the door!!


*these reviews may not have actually taken place...

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