Cricket Violin

Cricket Violin

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Full sized violin.

Radical!! Versatile!! SO EASY TO USE!!

The Magic Fluke Company is proud and excited to officially debut the new Cricket Violin. Just like Magic Fluke's renowned Fluke, Flea and Firefly ukuleles, it shares the same distinctive design and quality features. The Cricket is a full-scale violin, versatile enough to satisfy seasoned violin and fiddle players looking for an affordable, durable travel instrument as well as beginner students needing a ready to play, fully set up, first instrument. Best of all, its lots of fun, very affordable and made in the USA!

With its unique open headstock and use of simple Grover friction pegs or optional geared Pegheds, the Cricket Violin is remarkably easy to tune or restring. Like our other instruments, the body is molded of a high quality, glass reinforced, durable thermoplastic for stiffness and resonance. The arched top is CNC machined solid spruce with a choice of solid walnut or maple neck. The included chin and shoulder rest is adjustable three ways to accommodate all players. The end result is a surprisingly full range, warm sounding violin that's comfortable to hold and easy to play.

The design was inspired by the 17th century Dance Master's Violin or Pochette, a very narrow bodied instrument played by traveling dance instructors and sized to fit in a pocket.

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