Clementi - Six Sonatinas Op. 36 (KJOS)


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A book of piano pieces from the Kjos Master Composer Library: "Clementi - Six Sonatinas Op. 36", edited by Keith Snell.

This performance edited edition is now the best choice for your students. Clementi, regarded as the originator of the proper technique for the modern pianofote, used these pieces to focus directly on the most important aspects of piano playing: felicitous fingering, lucid phrasing, and developing a legato touch. Based upon practical teaching experience, the editorial suggestions convey musical ideas ensuring successful musical performance by your students.

Sonatina No.1 in C Major
Sonatina No.2 in G Major
Sonatina No.3 in C Major
Sonatina No.4 in F Major
Sonatina No.5 in G Major
Sonatina No.6 in D Major

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