Bastien Piano Literature Volume 4


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A selection of music for the early-advanced level pianist.

Sonata, L.58
Sonata, Op.49, No. 2
Sonata, Hob.XVI:7
Sonata in C, K. 545
Rondo Alla Turca
Rondo Alla Turca
Prelude in B Minor, Op. 28, No. 6
Tarantella, Op.102, No. 3
Valse Melancolique, Op.2, No. 3
Curious Story, Op. 138, No. 9
Waltz in C Major, Op.77, No. 1
Waltz in A Minor, Op.77, No. 9
Scherzo in B Major, Dv 593
Knight Ruppert, Op. 68, No. 12
Blindman's Buff, Op. 15, No. 3
Important Event
Song of the Lark, Op.39, No. 2
Sonatina, Op.13, No. 1
Waltz From Adventures of Ivan
Prelude, Op. 34, No. 19
Fugue in Classic Style
Bagatelle, Op. 5, No. 1
Invention No.14 in Bb Major, BWV 785
Invention No.13 in A Minor, BWV 784
Prelude in A, Op. 28, No. 7
Polonaise in G Minor, Op. Posth
Prelude in E Minor, Op.28, No. 4
Four Rondos, Op. 60
Variations, Op. 40, No. 1
Gymnopedie No. 1
Suite in A Major

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