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Bach - Two-Part Inventions


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A book of piano pieces from the Kjos Master Composer Library: "J.S. Bach: Two-Part Inventions", edited by Keith Snell.

The Bach Two-Part Inventions were composed as teaching pieces and appear in ascending order by pitch, starting with C and using only those Major and minor keys with no more than four sharps or flats. All Inventions, clearly engraved on two pages with no page turns, include editorial markings and suggested tempi. The well designed table of ornaments, presented on a large easy-to-read staff, shows a picture of the ornament, an accurate description of execution, and exactly which notes to play.

Invention No.1 in C Major, BWV 772
Invention No.7 in E Minor, BWV 778
Invention No.5 in Eb Major, BWV 776
Invention No.3 in D Major, BWV 774
Invention No.15 in B Minor, BWV 786
Invention No.12 in A Major, BWV 783
Invention No.11 in G Minor, BWV 782
Invention No.10 in G Major, BWV 781
Invention No.8 in F Major, BWV 779
Invention No.14 in Bb Major, BWV 785
Invention No.13 in A Minor, BWV 784
Invention No.2 in C Minor, BWV 773
Invention No.4 in D Minor, BWV 775
Invention No.6 in E Major, BWV 777
Invention No.9 in F Minor, BWV 20

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