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Bach - 18 Short Preludes (Alfred)

Bach - 18 Short Preludes (Alfred)

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Beside being an influential and prolific composer, Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the great teachers of his day. He was a dedicated master of the keyboard, always exploring and expanding his knowledge of the instrument. Technique was of paramount significance to Bach, and he was always developing exercises to improve his students’ playing. Bach developed those exercises into the pieces presented in 18 Short Preludes. However, these compositions are more than keyboard exercises. They are light, airy, fun works that reflect Bach's love of the short, simple prelude form. They provide the beginning student with an excellent introduction to the genius of J. S. Bach.

This Alfred edition was carefully and methodically prepared by Willard A. Palmer. An introductory section offers a thorough explanation of trills, mordents, appoggiaturas and other proper ornamentation applicable to these preludes. This feature helps make this edition of Bach's 18 Short Preludes the most practical and attractive one available. 

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