Albert Weber 185BP Premium Grand Piano

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European Design

Includes: 15 Year Guarantee, Two Free Tunings & Piano Bench

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Albert Weber Premium model pianos are manufactured in one of the world’s largest piano factories, and are the PREMIUM brand of the Young Chang Piano Company.

Exclusive in New Zealand to Piano Traders

What makes an Albert Weber piano so special?

The two essentials of a piano are it’s tone and action.

The tone of a piano comes from the strings, hammer design and soundboard working together.

How do Albert Weber pianos have the tone quality and action of a European piano of 2-3 times the price? 

  • The Albert Weber soundboard is made from AAA fine-grain solid spruce. Strong enough to withstand the huge pressure of the strings but light enough to transmit the slightest of vibrations with sensitivity.
  • Delwin Fandrich (pictured in photos) has designed a ‘floating soundboard’ which enhances the flexibility of the soundboard and therefore enhances the tone (see graphic in photos)
  • German-made Rosslau strings - professional level strings which are found in the top brand pianos
  • The hammers are rather special – again from Germany, the Abel hammers are made by interlacing natural wool-fibres in a unique low-compression process which ensures resilience and a rich but warm tone.

A high quality piano action will give the pianist full control over the complete dynamic range as well as giving fast note repetition as required for advanced piano playing

  • The Renner action (again from Germany) comprises hardwood Rock Maple parts and presents a new standard in speed, response, sensitivity and repetition rate.
  • This action is able to translate the emotional and expressive intent of the performer with consistency - whether delicacy or power is required
  • The V-Pro Iron Frame combined with solid agraffes provide the reassurance of an even tone.


Some very important features:

  • Large dual wheel casters – easy to move on carpet or polished floors
  • Full gloss – polyester lacquer – just need to dust and perhaps every 5 years give a buff
  • Wooden back post for extra strength
  • Extra-long music desk for teaching and for playing duets



  • Professional Studio Upright series
  • Finish: Wood grain with brass fittings
  • Height: 101cm
  • Width: 151cm
  • Length: 185cm
  • Weight: 310kg


Massive 15-year guarantee against manufacturing faults.
Matching piano bench - adjustable with storage compartment.
Delivery in Auckland, subsidized elsewhere in New Zealand.


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