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Accelerated Piano Adventures Theory 2

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Used in conjunction with the Accelerated lesson book one.

Accelerated Theory Book 2 is divided into fifteen units, correlating with the fifteen units of Lesson Book 2. Each unit provides valuable reinforcement of basic theory concepts through writing, sightreading, and ear-training activities.


  • Review of Book 1Ā 
  • Major Pentascales: C, D, G, D, A, EĀ 
  • Tempo Marks: Andante, Moderato, AllegroĀ 
  • Minor Pentascales: Cm, Gm, FmĀ 
  • Minor Pentascales: Dm, Am, EmĀ 
  • Ledger Line C'sĀ 
  • Cross-Hand ArpeggiosĀ 
  • The SixthĀ 
  • The C Major ScaleĀ 
  • Primary Chords in C Major (I, IV V7)Ā 
  • More about PedalingĀ 
  • Eighth RestĀ 
  • Dotted Quarter NoteĀ 
  • The G Major ScaleĀ 
  • The F Major ScaleĀ 


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