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Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson 2

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Lesson Book 2 from the Faber Piano Adventures: Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner includes Major and minor pentascales; intervals through the 6th; C. G, and F major scales.


  • Review of Book 1 
  • Major Pentascales: C, F, G, D, A, E 
  • Tempo Marks: Andante, Moderato, Allegtro 
  • Minor Pentascales: Cm, Gm, Fm 
  • Minor Pentascales: Dm, Am, Em 
  • Ledger Line C's 
  • Cross-Hand Arpeggios 
  • The Sixth 
  • The C Major Scale 
  • Primary Chords in C Major (I, IV, V7) 
  • More about Pedaling 
  • Eighth Rest 
  • Dotted Quarter Note 
  • The G Major Scale 
  • The F Major Scale 
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