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Rod Hancox

For pianos, pianos, PIANOS!

Rod is a trained piano tuner/technician who took over the family business from his father Russ a 'few' years ago. He will make sure you get exactly the right piano for your needs and won't try to sell you a 'Ferrari' when a 'Toyota' will be more appropriate. When he locks up the 'yard' for the weekend he enjoys nothing more than a spot of trout-fishing on the Tongariro...

Ph 09 639 0030 or 021 924 247



Robert Hancox

For pianos, keyboards, guitars... 

Robert is a third-generation Piano Traders Hancox.  He is our Digital Piano and Guitar specialist.  He loves nothing more than a good chat so will make you feel right at home when you call in.  He also loves cats.

Ph 09 639 0036 or 027 924 2478



Emma Milligan

For print music enquiries and wholesale.

Emma is an experienced flautist and woodwind teacher. She enjoys playing in Community Musicals and Theatre Productions on piccolo, flute, clarinet, and alto sax. She completed her Bachelor of Music (Composition) in 2013, and her Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching at the end of 2015. On the weekend she can be found perusing YouTube for cat videos to bombard the other staff with on Monday...




Tiffany Wood

Tiffany is our in-house composer guru.  She has completed her Bachelor of Music with Honours (Composition), and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History.  Tiffany is happy to help with all your print music inquiries providing service with a smile!




George Manning

George is back at the shop again after a year abroad. He is more than happy to help out with anything you need - especially anything guitar related! In his spare time he'll be playing one of his many guitars, ukuleles or trombones; or learning another loud instrument much to the dismay of his mother! He had a bit of a shock finding out his sister had joined the team while he was away... (see below!)



Emily Manning

Emily is our weekend front counter person and is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and criminology.  Whoa.  She is very bubbly, and a keen worker.  She is happy to help in all areas of print music, and can advise you for all your musical needs. 



Hilary Low

For account enquiries.

Hilary works behind the scenes and she loves numbers! Funny that. As that famous person once said: "Only accountants can save the world, through peace, goodwill and reconciliations."

09 639 0032 Friday only


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